The best live score web platform

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The best live score web platform

Definitely the most important element of all live matches and competitions is the current sports, which as you know, can change very dynamically, within few seconds. Following the results of different games – regardless whether it's a friendly match or a serious tournament game, electrifies us, triggering shivers. Because of various appointments and responsibilities, we do not always have time to watch live what’s happening on the pitch.

This is why such sports services such as FcTables are being created, giving all sports fans the latest news as quickly and practically as possible, just like in the real match. You do not have to wait to see all the important data displayed on your screen, you have all the info about the match statistics, its score, fouls, substitutes etc. immediately on your desktop. It is also very useful, sometimes even a necessary tool for all sports lovers, when the game is about their own money.

It’s nothing unusual, that betting become one of the mo, it is one of the most popular entertainment in the UK to bet on sports and other sports events, so it's important to have the freshest and most up-to-date info at one’s fingertips.

FcTables among the best – no doubt about that

The creators of the site hoped to create something unique - the only service that has such a wide database of friendly matches, league and tournament matches and anything that is related to the world of football. They also wanted to be the leaders, when it comes to speed of information delivery. They managed to do all of this - today, although the service is quite new, it is by far the most promising, gaining wide popularity among football fans around the world.

Livescores and H2H

Once you've clicked on the livescore tab, a new, very clear in its form, list appears to your eyes. It comprises the most important sports events of the day. To make it easier to click through between the events, on the left side of the site we will find hints and a quick way to select the matches we are interested in, but also the most important events or matches of the day.

For the Polish version, for example, the most important meeting of today is the Super Cup match between Legia Warszawa and Arka Gdynia, which is scheduled to play at 20:30 and has 66%, 21% and 13%. At the same time we can also use this one line with the basic information to move to the main comparison between the two sports teams, the history of their matches, along with full statistics divided into specific football seasons to make it easier to search for specific information.


What do we see on the main screen?

The main screen of the site is always for latest events, directly related to the most important fixtures of the day. We will also find here all data related to recently completed matches, along with the full statistics of the games played. However, the most important information that has been given at the very beginning is the kind of competition, for example Copa Libertadores in South America, and we also see that three matches have ended: between Strongest and Lanus 1-1, with odds of 59%, 24% 17%, a match between Emelec and San Lorenzo with a score of 0-1 and between Nacional and Botafogo Rio de Janeiro with a score of also 0:1.

Here you can also go directly to the whole event of the Copa Libertadores, you can directly share the table on any of your sites or blogs.

All the last games from the match data are presented in such a way that reaching all the most important matches and statistics relating to specific competitions or at club games is child's play. The location where the user is viewing the latest live scores is available at any time in a very simple way, for example, in the H2H tab, comparing the achievements of the teams in the individual matches they have played.

You can also cast different assumptions or even speculations if you compare two teams that somehow have not met each other yet. Such tables are usually the starting point for really interesting theories and for some successful future bets.

Shortcuts to all the most important events

On the left side of the website, you will find a quick jump, straight to the most important events and the biggest major tournaments around the world - you do not have any restrictions here, so we can easily follow the example of local teams located in Oceania.

You  can directly select the statistics and events or results of live match events such as the Copa Libertadores, South American Cup, African Champions League, African Confederations Cup, Cuban Friendly Matches, CONCACAF Gold Cup, Team Friendly Matches. Australia Supercup, MLS 1st and 2nd League, all the Scandinavian leagues and many other competitions, that seem to be a little bit exotic at first.

Select the event you are interested in

By selecting from the list on the left-hand side of the site, such as a South American Cup tournament, we will be redirected directly to the latest results of the tournament that took place. In this case, we find out that the match between Sport Recife and Arsenal de Sarandi ended with a 2-0 result for Sport and the odds were 59%, 26%, 15%. From here you can also directly share your results anywhere on the web, zoom in on the entire screen, get details, and see the whole table of the Cup. After clicking in the Cup box, we receive the next full statistics of the whole tournament. Here all schedules and live matches are divided into categories: 1/32, round 1, round 2 and 1/16.

Thanks to that, we can see the whole ladder showing all the matches that were to take place and those that are about to happen. Statistics also tell us that you can check out the condition and form of individual players and all of the participating teams in this tournament. At the same time we also see that the last match of the Cup was held the day before, juxtaposing Palestino and Flamengo and ended with a score of 2-5 for Flamengo.

Previous matches were played on the 30th of June, between Fluminense and Universidad Catolica with a 4-0 score for the Brazilians or Racing Club vs Independiente Medellin with a score for Argentinian side. After hovering over a specific meeting, we get some brief information about the most important events that happened during the game - goals, fouls, shots, subs etc. Everything given in an easy accessible, neat way.

At this point, of course, we also get information about the next fixtures, as well as about the current best scorers of the whole tournament. From here, you can also go and check out the achievements of each player, his fitness, club history and everything related to him. One of the more interesting tabs is also referring to the number of cards received by the players. When we are still analysing Copa Libertadores, the guilty leaders here are: Araujo, Campagnucci and Godoy (all receiving 3 yellow cards).

Cifuentes is by far the best scorer of 8 goals and an average of 1.0 per game, Diaz with 6 goals and a 1.0 average and the same average and Gimenez, who also scored 6 goals, but has a little bit worse average.

Livescores - the greatest emotions on the Internet

What sets the page apart the most is the real-time transmission of all the results of the matches and of what is happening on the field in real time. In fact, the site works as promised by its creators. On the LIVE site we will find everything we need to be happy when we cannot observe the match live in TV. It gives us all the basic information about the game, as well as the participating teams.

For example, the Australian reserve league game is being played today, with four teams - Oakleigh Cannons FC U20 and Green Gully SC U20. It takes 29 minutes, the first half, at the moment the meeting is without goals. We also know immediately that the first team is in the table and the overall ranking is 6, the opposite team - 11. The odds and odds for this meeting will be 52%, 21%, 27%.

We also see the results of the last six matches in which both one and two teams participated. We also see the predictions for both teams. In case of the first team the course is 2.54, in the case of the second - 1.2, so that is why it looks like the odds for a specific group of players.

The second pair of players to play at the same time the same tournament are teams: Port Melbourne Sharks SC U20 and Pascoe Vale SC U20. Here we can also get all the most necessary information right from the beginning of the meeting.

Special algorithm

The developers have also developed a special algorithm by which they can calculate the form of players taking part in the events. This is the so-called team form index, which shows how the current squad of a team looks like at the same time, what is the chance for victory of the given team is in a particular clash, and how it looked in previous matches.

On the comparison pages you can find 3 different values for each match for each team. For the match, the TFI and HA indexes are used there, as well as the TFI team form index - the difference between the current form of both teams and the over 2.5 match index - O25l-over 2.5 index like the sum of the current over 2.5 forms for both teams .

The same applies when calculating the form of the players of individual teams, but here considerably different parameters than the match itself. Here the first index is the value associated with the last 6 matches that the team played at home or away, then the total value for the last six matches in that league. Here also take into account the form or the probability of scoring over 2.5 goals in a meeting.


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