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About Us

The new dimension of football

For football fans around the world, a unique proposition has been created to keep track of the matches and achievements of your favorite football teams, your favorite players and any football league even easier than ever. With the help of the Fctables website today, it's all in a very affordable version, and what's better - it's a great option for football fans, own websites, sports blogs and sports sites. This is a completely new dimension to the variety of statistics and reports that today can be applied without difficulty for your benefit.

Who constitutes the target of the innovative live score service?

The service is primarily designed for all fans of football, who want to share the most important events and information with others - here we mean the statistics football different types and kinds, as well as tables, comparing the football teams, and most importantly - free live scores that resonate always among football fans the greatest emotions and impressions. This is the most common data that we care about, because we use them, most often, for sports betting, which is today one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. It is also a valuable tool that can significantly increase traffic on any website, not necessarily related only to the world of sports and sports betting, but also to blogs related to football. It's a great opportunity to try their hand at running a blog, website or the entire site dedicated to just the football professions, matches and the most important people - footballers. This place is perfectly organized and provides systematic information on every possible football-related topic - everything you want to know about any team from any league - all at your fingertips in one easy-to-reach place. The service is currently offered in two languages - Polish and English and is certainly a treat for all lovers of the competition on the pitch.


Basic functions obtained by the user

Talking about the most important features that can be found on the site, first of all we should mention the classic league table, but also the results only for one half of the meeting, the possession of the ball, the results of home and away matches comparatively, the statistical amount of time when the team is in possession, number of goal shots, current form of the players, as well as the team in the last six meetings, goals scored in the first half, marking all the minutes in which the goal is scored etc. However, these are just the first characteristics and features that you can find in this free service. The most important of course is free live score - something that most amateurs of this sport expect. Statistics on the site also apply to the players themselves, like their fitness, the list of the best players and their achievements in a specific time span, the number of goals scored, the assists played, but also the penalties or cards received during each match, passes and goals. The service provides also a Canadian classification. The summaries include as well group achievements and all the information, and statistics that affect specific sports teams. Thanks to this, anyone who supports, but also types the results of the meetings will definitely have a much easier task and a better chance of winning.

What sections will we find on the site?

All of the information on the Fctables site is divided into specific categories, so it is easier to find the particular data. The whole site is divided into six different thematic sections, so finding the data we are interested would not be a problem.

  • Football statistics - this is the most significant and the most comprehensive operation of the whole site, here we find the most data and perfectly balanced and refined data, and above all credible. This allows you to base your types on them, and learn a lot more about your favourite team or player than is apparent from general information. Thanks to such combinations you can perfectly work out your own opinion about some football clashes, their course and all possible outcomes..

  • Football predictions - Today sports betting is one of the most important entertainment, not just online, although it is definitely the most convenient and has the widest range of supporters of all ages. We can expect here types, generated specifically for the needs of the site by a special algorithm developed, to help increase the winning rate of fans, while using this opportunity to fill the site. What’s the most important here is the confirmed effectiveness of the site, which will come particularly valuable for those who may their luck unsuccessfully, basing only on their passion or preferences.

  • Comparison of the achievements of specific football teams - this section is devoted primarily to statistics related to the entire team and its results within a specified time frame. To see the results, you only need to select two teams, and the comparator will generate all the statistics related to each other - which will also work well for the results of individual sports events in which two teams are involved. Here, you can find the history of the two teams' matches with their most interesting moments, as well as the places in the table, the best players of the match, the trivia of the one and the other team that met on the pitch. The service will also suggest trivia related to series of events, such as a series of wins of a given team.

  • Sports teams statistics  - this is where you can find all the key news and data, and statistics for a specific team. After selecting the interesting team, you will find the following data: general statistics of matches and a bunch of statistics deriving from the the last 6 meetings presented immediately to the left of the whole site, available in an interesting and attractive graphic design. Below, you will find also the statistics for the season and the given team’s closest fixture. The service also informs us about recent games and the upcoming matches. We will also read a lot about the history of the team and its best achievements here. If the system finds a team-related series, it will inform the user and, if he or she is interested, will show him the set. We also have a list of the best players and a shortcut to the table with the results of bets placed on bookmakers. FCTables also provides tables related to individual tables and rankings, as well as statistics on the players themselves who participate in these competitions.

  • Livescore - this is the core of this whole site, constituting the fastest service of this type on the Internet. Here you can expect all the results just right after the event, so every fan gets first-hand information without any delay. This makes FcTables the best and most attractive in terms of meetings followed on the web.

  • Competitors are the last activity we will meet on the site. Here, of course, everyone can count on more than just a handful information and the collected and segregated data, associated with each competitor. With this site you can observe the careers of actually any player who plays in any team of any football league without any problems. All the data is presented in an accessible and pleasing way to the eye, and is interesting in its own form – various colour combinations and the transparency of the website makes it user-friendly, encouraging people to visit the site and find all the information they need for that moment.

Exceptional offer for leading websites and thematic blogs

Working on the attractiveness of your own websites is very important for the popularity of your blog or website, and therefore for the potential amount of money you can earn. It is always necessary to refine your offer, for example, with a free site with excellent statistics. Football is a discipline that has no chance of being abandoned, so investing in it is always a good option. For people who run their own websites, sports websites and blogs, use the free hand to the combinations and free livescore widget and football statistics widget live FcTables, by far the best step you can do toward the dissemination of its sites.

Football widgets

Deal you cannot throw away

Any user of any website can count on well-developed statistics. Thanks to the platform, every information is easy to reach. Basing on reliable, proven by mathematical algorithms statistics, the site constitutes a dependable source of information that can be published further on. Apart from the possibility of choosing a specific team or league that can be tracked, it is also possible to adjust the appearance of the results displayed, as each combination can have its own fonts, colours and, of course, the language. This, in turn, allows a personalized layout, impacting how the specific features will be displayed. This gives each person a separate website and separate reports, which in turn affect the attractiveness of the whole affair. The service is available in a really wide range of languages, which also allows you to customize the displayed results to the specific needs of a particular user and site administrator. We have English, Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, French and even Chinese. Pages open up almost unlimited possibilities to fit your site to the needs of different users. It is also a unique opportunity to create an interesting and inimitable site, giving a real chance for a big profit. What's more important, the results are always responsive, that is, they adapt to the device that are to be displayed on - so all the information and data can be seen on your computer, as well as tablet, or mobile phone. This solution makes the site very convenient and universal, especially in the contemporary digital world.

Here you can see demo of livescore widget: https://www.fctables.com/demo_livescore_feed/ or see our demo video:

If you want to use our free livescore widget click here




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Add me 0780700516

2021-04-25 09:04:34

The owner of this website let it down ?

2021-03-12 22:48:54

Thanks to change the logos of Nantes and Reims for the french Ligue 1 they are not good

2021-02-11 16:14:44

Some logos are not the good one

2019-09-06 21:40:43

nah, not accurate result with betting...when it should be draw , it counted as lose

2019-07-17 09:21:45

please include top draw team table statistisics. home & away.

2019-03-17 22:09:59

How if i want to develop more about our country proffesional league?

2017-10-04 23:53:54

will the top scorer widget and League table widget update itsef automatically on my website?

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