Chelsea Tactics that works

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Chelsea Tactics that works

Tactics that works

Antonio Conte is a trainer with a great deal of experience, which is why he excels in his role, assuring loyal fans an unforgettable experience. It is known primarily for gaining the talents of a squad, but not necessarily those of the first pages of newspapers, and those who fit his concept by some who are considered ridiculous, but what if all of them have been successful? Conte uses up all of his skills to lead Chelsea to the top of the table. Admittedly, he has a knack for this.

What did Chelsea look like for the end of 2016?

The previous season was very successful for the Chelsea players, and this was mainly due to a series of victories. In the 17th round, Crystal Palace won 1-0 in the Crystal Palace derby, thus recording the eleventh consecutive in a row in the Premiership. The goal of this meeting was to lead the league's leading scorer Diego Costa. You can see here also a good strategist hand, which is the Conte, as captured in 43 minutes, Costa's goal was a total thirteenth goal of the attacker only this season. At the end of the year, the Blues had a 43-point lead, with Liverpool and Arsenal lagging behind. As you can see, the changes that Costa put into the game, they are doing a hundred percent.

What is the strategy of the Blues?

Even in the days of Mourinho it was said that thanks to the Russian oligarch they can buy into the team of all the players they dream of. This is not about having the faces of the newspapers, but of the men in the strategy. The 2014/2015 season was a pretty good time for Chelsea, as seen by the results. The foundation and absolute basis of this tactic was defense, its line is set very narrow, and additionally secured by the help of the assistant - Nemanja Matića. Such a narrow defensive line setting automatically forces the opponent to move the action and attack the side sectors of the field, which makes the game more difficult. Matić is a key player in this tactic. Another important element of the strategy is the changeability of the position of the players in the front formation. The champion of this part of the game is Cesc Febregas, Diego Costa's most important player. Also worthy of attention to the player Schurrle - he remains in constant motion, paying attention to his rivals and drawing their attention from the game on the pitch. Its field of action is mainly a diversion behind the defense line. Probably Mourinho's idea was to create a team that could adapt to the game both on the counter side and from the positional attack.

Current tactics

Today, the tactics of the band are definitely different, but still deadly effective. The tactician Antonio Conte "3-4-3", as the coach himself said, was a D plan, but he brought the team five league games. Before finishing the final set, the coach tested three other possibilities. Initially, this was set to "4-2-4", then "4-3-3", then the setting of last season's "4-2-3-1" was repeated until it finally stood on the aforementioned, happy setting. The method selected by the coach best suits the way the game players, the attackers are well prepared for this, to play in this manner. As you can see, the new setting works because it created a lot of new situations and also kept a clean account. Also allowed to get more goals than in previous settings. All the tactical plans that had leaked to the Internet before the league were pointing not only to items such as corners, but also to diets, for example Cesar Azpilicueta had only chocolate biscuits after training and Thibaut Courtois - strawberry protein conditioner. Conte is known for strict adherence to specific diets by athletes.

What's up with the new season?

It is not known exactly what prepares for the new season Conte, however, you can be pretty sure that if you set the previous season brought many victories, as well as the possibility of goal, leaving a clean and above all very strong position in the world of football, this strategy will be in the team for some time. As you can see, all the ways a coach has, including strict diet and lack of alcohol, have a great impact on the performance and quality of the players' game. Currently the best players of the team are in excellent form, which is sure to know about the upcoming games of this season.


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