Betting tips algorithm

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Betting tips algorithm

21 April 2017 we have implemented an algorithm for calculating an index that represents the current form of a team.


On the H2H pages we present 3 values ​​for each match and for each team.

For match:

Match home/away index (TFI HA - team form index home away) - this is the difference between the current teams forms (home or away matches only).

Match Index (TFI team form index) - this is the difference between the current form of both teams (all last 6 matches).

Over 2.5 match index (O25I - Over 2.5 index) - is the sum of the index of the current form of Over 2.5 of both teams

For team:

The first is the index for the last 6 home or away games played in a league depending on whether the team is a home or a guest in the next match.
The second index is the overall value for the last 6 matches played in a league (not including whether the team is a home or a guest).
The third value represents the index for the last 6 league games and represents the probability of scoring over 2.5 goals in a match.


How does the algorithm calculate the index for the current form?

The algorithm calculates the logarithmic coefficient based on the results of the last matches. Please note that we take into account the power of the opponent in the calculation. For example, if Barcelona win with Real Madrid, they will get more points than if they won Villareal. We do not calculate our coefficient linearly as other pages. By suggesting our INDEX you can easily verify the form of your team.

How is the index for Over 2.5 calculated?

Index over 2.5, like the index of the form, is calculated logically. For the Over 2.5 index, we include the last 6 home or away games, depending on whether the team is a host or a guest at the next game. Index Over 2.5 is the sum of 6 factors awarded to each team's previous match. The match factor for the match is based on the opponent's previous matches.


How can be INDEX interpreted?

The index for a form can be interpreted as a factor of the current form of a given team. By subtracting both indexes, we get a coefficient that can be interpreted as the probability of winning a match. If the difference between both coefficients is close to zero and for example equal to 0.01, then both teams will represent a similar form in the last matches and it is highly probable that the match will be a draw. If the difference is more than 4 it means that with high probability you can assume that the home team will win. If the index is less than -4 then the favorite is the guest team.

How can be INDEX OVER 2.5 interpreted?

Index of Over 2.5 match is the sum of the current index of Over 2.5 both teams and if it is more than 4, it means that both teams in the last two games have scored more than 2.5 goals, and we will probably see at least 3 goals in the actual match.


Every day we calulcate our index and present best matches to bet. Check our free predictions. For April 2017 we have yield > 10%.
You can also use our Soccer H2H page where you can compare soccer teams. Check also our Teams form index matches list



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Keep up your good work

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